Searching for Buried Treasure

Our goal for Yargo is to create a small efficient first run. Finding manufacturers for our components was a challenge and we had to put our wooden game board dreams temporarily on the back burner- we found no way to get the wooden boards to our customers at a fair price without hand making each set our selves or incurring massive initial costs. Not easily discouraged, we shifted our focus to our budget options and, primarily, our tokens.

The coin tokens (used for coin flips and action points in Yargo) illustrate well the challenges in budgeting a small run board game. We found a couple reliable token manufactures and had to weigh the pros and cons of each company.  One had great pricing but required a minimum run of 5000 tokens. One offered larger sized brass token but had a high initial setup fee for first time orders.  In the end our decision was made by spread sheet. We now have two primary manufacturer options. Depending on demand, whether our project is minimally funded or breaks out in to stretch goal territory, will determine which company we partner with. This will let us get our customers the biggest possible token and avoid the situation where we end up with 4000 unused tokens in our basement 🙂


Next time: How our design theme is infused in everything we do AND The Official Yargo Song!


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