Design Philosophy

Just like this post, we have tried to keep our graphical design scheme sweet and simple. Once we started designing rules, illustrations, and other media, we wanted to avoid a cluttered, over-shopped look. The metric is simple, don’t add anything that doesn’t add context. There is a simple satisfaction to classic type-faces and traditional layout. White background with simple contrast (mostly black) both draws the eye and presents only the necessary information.

Sometimes this philosophy forces kill your darlings…  here’s the official Yargo song- cut from the rulebooks for failing to provide anything useful:

Two pirate ships to battle join,
Flip, flip! Flip a coin.
Load cannonball, load musket round,
Flip, flip! Blow ‘em down.
Our victory’s owed to Lady Luck
Flip, flip! They’ll be sunk.

Coming next time: How to name a game plus…. The Lost Logo


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