Why coin flips?

One of the most common concerns we’ve heard from people has been: “Why coin flips instead of dice?”. Very understandable, but I think people who give it a chance will agree, coin flips can work great if done correctly. Here’s why I think it works, for Yargo, at least:

-> 50/50 success or fail tests speed up gameplay. In Yargo, pirates live or die, but one pirate’s death isn’t going to ruin your whole plan. Unless it’s your last pirate, in which case you should’ve chosen a better tactic to begin with 😛

-> It isn’t pure randomness if you know the probability. Example: shooting a pirate on your ship isn’t too hard (1 flip, 50% chance), shooting across ships is trickier (2 flips, 25% chance), but shooting your opponents monkey across the board takes serious fortune (3 flips, 12.5% chance). Betting against the odds is a major part of the strategy. Cannonfire probabilities are even more intricate:cannonfire

-> It’s easy! Kids have no problem flipping coins, why should you? For those with a flipping disability, there are plenty of easy alternatives: flip into a bowl, odd or even on a die, and plenty of coin flipping apps.

The best proof is a live example: in this short (<2 min) video, we compare a turn firing cannons in a “Broadside” action (no flips required) versus firing cannons individually (max of 3 flips per cannon). You can see both tactics have there own advantages and coin flipping doesn’t disrupt the flow of the game.


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