Sneak peak at 2nd edition Yargo!

WE DID IT!!! 104% FUNDED SO FAR! 😀 Wow. I’m speechless and deeply grateful to everyone who’s supported us so far. Only 3 days left to reserve your copy if you haven’t gotten one yet.


We’re going to be busting out this first edition just as fast as we can, hoping we can at least get most backers their gamesets before Christmas. And we wont stop there! Just last week we had a break through on our design for an economical wooden edition From our last update:

We had a lot of people wondering where the middle price range version of Yargo was. Until a week ago, we hadn’t come up with a solution we were happy with. For artistic reasons, we don’t plan on ever making a cardboard/plastic version of the game. We considered making a flat engraved version but storing the pieces separately just bugged us. Then we had this idea.The a simplified, Mancala-inspired, folding design can hold all its pieces internally when closed. Best part: we estimate we can get this version in the $25-50 range, depending on volume and shipping!

And here’s a sketch of the design:


This was inspired by Andrew’s Mancala board, we used to have a lot of fun taking that thing to a restaurant or coffeshop, but of course, now we’d rather play Yargo. If you haven’t tried taking a travel gameset along on an outing before- you’re in for a real treat. And you’ll understand why we used magnets!


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