Dread Pirate Gallery

The Dread Pirate Boxes are the flagships of the Yargo fleet. We are super proud of how these one-of-a-kind custom designs turned out and want to share some pictures of the armada so far:


This is 8 of the original founding Dread Pirate copies. There are, and forever will be, only 10 Dread Pirates. One is unphotographed and one is still in the design phase. Meanwhile, the end of the fulfillment stage of our Kickstarter is nearly complete. Only 7 backers are still awaiting their awards! Expect a detailed update when the campaign is complete.


Custom Dread Pirate Boxes!

We’ve been neglecting social media in favor of production. The race is on to get our backers their rewards and we’re excited to announce completed gamesets with *all* components are incoming! Here’s a peak at the beautiful custom boxes for our Dread Pirates:



Each of these 10 first edition deluxe boxes is a unique custom work of art and we have no regrets in taking the time to build them right. We want these boxes to last a 100 years. Still, feels great to get finished product in the mail 🙂


We’ve been documenting the entire process so expect a more detailed write-up once we have all our orders fufilled.

Yargo Coins Have Arrived!

Two years of dreams came true yesterday, Yargo’s brass coins arrived from the mint!

Each coin is hydraulically stamped from a brass plug so the brilliant golden gleam isn’t a finish. We’re super pleased with how they turned out and we think you’ll agree they make for a great coin flip. It’s a pirate’s dream!

The Loot:

Heads and Tails:

What’s next? Well, we’re well ahead of schedule so far and we’ll be moving on getting rewards out as quick as possible. Here’s what’s coming:

  • Salior rewards will go in the mail next week.
  • Shipbuilder rewards will be sent before the end of September.
  • With Shipbuilders, Yargo Building Contest details will be announced.

Sneak peak at 2nd edition Yargo!

WE DID IT!!! 104% FUNDED SO FAR! 😀 Wow. I’m speechless and deeply grateful to everyone who’s supported us so far. Only 3 days left to reserve your copy if you haven’t gotten one yet.


We’re going to be busting out this first edition just as fast as we can, hoping we can at least get most backers their gamesets before Christmas. And we wont stop there! Just last week we had a break through on our design for an economical wooden edition From our last update:

We had a lot of people wondering where the middle price range version of Yargo was. Until a week ago, we hadn’t come up with a solution we were happy with. For artistic reasons, we don’t plan on ever making a cardboard/plastic version of the game. We considered making a flat engraved version but storing the pieces separately just bugged us. Then we had this idea.The a simplified, Mancala-inspired, folding design can hold all its pieces internally when closed. Best part: we estimate we can get this version in the $25-50 range, depending on volume and shipping!

And here’s a sketch of the design:


This was inspired by Andrew’s Mancala board, we used to have a lot of fun taking that thing to a restaurant or coffeshop, but of course, now we’d rather play Yargo. If you haven’t tried taking a travel gameset along on an outing before- you’re in for a real treat. And you’ll understand why we used magnets!

Why coin flips?

One of the most common concerns we’ve heard from people has been: “Why coin flips instead of dice?”. Very understandable, but I think people who give it a chance will agree, coin flips can work great if done correctly. Here’s why I think it works, for Yargo, at least:

-> 50/50 success or fail tests speed up gameplay. In Yargo, pirates live or die, but one pirate’s death isn’t going to ruin your whole plan. Unless it’s your last pirate, in which case you should’ve chosen a better tactic to begin with 😛

-> It isn’t pure randomness if you know the probability. Example: shooting a pirate on your ship isn’t too hard (1 flip, 50% chance), shooting across ships is trickier (2 flips, 25% chance), but shooting your opponents monkey across the board takes serious fortune (3 flips, 12.5% chance). Betting against the odds is a major part of the strategy. Cannonfire probabilities are even more intricate:cannonfire

-> It’s easy! Kids have no problem flipping coins, why should you? For those with a flipping disability, there are plenty of easy alternatives: flip into a bowl, odd or even on a die, and plenty of coin flipping apps.

The best proof is a live example: in this short (<2 min) video, we compare a turn firing cannons in a “Broadside” action (no flips required) versus firing cannons individually (max of 3 flips per cannon). You can see both tactics have there own advantages and coin flipping doesn’t disrupt the flow of the game.