Dread Pirates

dread pirate cover

The first 10 copies of Yargo are unique numbered custom designs, a tribute to the founding Dread Pirate supporters.

The Dread Pirates:

  1. Yer Mudder
  2. Cap’n Crunch
  3. Navigator Salazaar “Scourge of the Horizon”
  4. Capacity
  5. Tyler “Cap’n Smell Dawg” Kaftan
  6. Mathias Buganhagen
  7.  The Black Dog Coarse Hairs
  8. Captain R.L. “Graybeard” Vaughn
  9. Nevets “The Red Menace” Grogmaster
  10. Captain John “The Kraken” Walsh

Features: signed and numbered, maple and birch construction, custom paint and stain, personalized engraving, deluxe brass hardware, leather pouch



Dread Pirate Edition Lifetime Guarantee: send any defective piece or board to International Modern Pastimes for repair.