Join us this Friday at Post 134 ( on Alberta Street in Portland, Oregon for the world’s first ever Yargo tournament. Winner goes down in history as the original Yargo grand champion AND will receive a one-of-a-kind commemorative wooden Yargo board if our campaign is successful. Special thanks to Sean Davis and everyone at Post 134 for hosting us!

BONUS: Want to see what Yargo gameplay looks like? Watch Jaerod and Andrew duke it out in our NEW VIDEO!



NEW: Like boardgames and pirates? Meet YARGO at the Post 7pm Friday June 26th for a Demo and Fundraiser!.

Smooth sailing so far, 29% funded in the first 6 days. Really excited to see dread pirates launching, making these special boards will be such a joy!

During the campaign we’re saving the blog posts for sneak previews of what’s coming up. Here’s a test of a different stain color:


Arr! Yargo Funding at 13% in 72 hours!

Huge thanks to all the backers who’ve already jumped aboard. We’ve been getting lots of attention online and all over. I know I’ve got Yargo fever bad and I think it’s spreading 😉 WE know that in 100 years someone somewhere will be playing Yargo!

For our blog readers (the few, the proud) I’m posting a preview of document showing the exact difference between the two board versions:


We can’t post this on kickstarter until we can confirm a couple details. We’ve also discussed working stretch goals into this same graphic, thoughts?


The NEW 1-Minute Yargo Trailer is now out:

Huge thanks to Alestorm for use of their music in our video! These guys are awesome, and they’re currently touring in the EU! If you’re lucky enough to catch one of their live shows, I envy you.

Now that we’ve finished our Kickstarter video, we only have a couple of details to work out before launch. Within a couple hours the project page will be available for preview. Expect the project to go live in: 3-5 days.

NOTE: This post will be edited regularly to reflect latest information.

UPDATE: Link to Kickstarter preview here. Any comments or suggestion are appreciated.

UPDATE 2: Yargo is now on facebook, we need your “likes”!

UPDATE 3: Standby, we’re nearly ready! Want to make sure everything’s perfect for launch 🙂

Completed Wooden Gameset

Feast your eyes on the final evolution of the wooden game board. Yargo is about to set sail!

Yargo MKV

We are currently hard at work on the final peice of the project- our promotional kickstarter video. Major filming is complete and we are in the editing room now. What keeps our salty crew motivated? Pirate shanties, of course! (Credits to Alestorm, one of the best pirate acts ever.) Expect a preview of the Yargo video soon!

So far, all is moving on well for our undecided summer release date. We will give as much advance notice  as we can of the official date of launch once we finish this last leg of the voyage.